"ArmActiv®" – is a new resource-saving technology of protecting the friction surfaces.

The up-to-date complex technology of carbon nanoreinforcement of metals is designed:

  • To increase the duration of the trouble-free operation of mechanisms and the equipment in general.
  • To protect the parts from wear and tear.
  • To ensure exploitation under extreme conditions;
  • To cut the operating costs.

"ArmActiv®" provides:

  • reduction of the friction losses by 30% and more;
  • increase of the wear resistance up to 5 times;
  • saving electricity and fuel by 15-25%;
  • significant reduction of noise and vibration characteristics;
  • reduction of temperature regimes.

"ArmActiv®" – is a controlling substance strengthening the contact zones, and most importantly, managing the thermodynamic equilibrium of all the friction systems of any mechanisms.

It is not a lubricant and not a compound additive in the conventional understanding and has no relation to them.

"ArmActiv®" - is an entirely new formula of the elementary or even molecular level composition, which in its nature is critically different from all the materials known today that exist at the consumer market and are designed to prevent the parts from mechanical wear when interacting with other parts.

The composition of ArmActiv® is based on carbon fulleroid nanoparticles.

In the process of tribopolymerization a coat is formed on rubbing surfaces in the form of a spatial tribopolymer network, connected to the substrate. The coating protects the rubbing surfaces from the direct contact, prevents the mass transfer between the rubbing counter-bodies and at the same time, being a spatial polymeric network, retains mineral (synthetic) oil in its cells, thus providing a low-wear friction mode and smallfriction coefficient. The presence of the carbon nanoparticles due to its high reactivity dramatically accelerates the process of tribopolymerization and leads to the formation of tribopolymer network in the units of which there are mostly carbon fulleroid nanoparticles molecules. This fundamentally changes the friction pattern as tribopolymer protective cover in this case is realized much quicker and low-wear and antifriction friction modes manage to realize before the scuffing. Finally, if the tribopolymer cover is damaged in the process of friction (e.g. under the impact of an increased load) and the direct contact of the rubbing bodies occurs, the tribopolymerization process gains momentum and the tribofilm gets restored.

This material is not able to recreate the details anew, and the mechanism or engine will not become “eternal” once it has been applied. The components of the "ArmActiv®" compounds stimulate the processes of restoration and protection of metals and non-metals at contact points, changing the composition and structure of surfaces in the best way for a given friction pair. This eliminates the initial cause of wear - electrochemical corrosion, causing an increase in operating temperatures, leading to the destruction of seals, etc., which is unacceptable, even at the minimum imbalance of the rotation axes.Any industrial equipment is assembled from standard parts, which already contain technological processing errors and tolerances, which ultimately affects the quality of the entire mechanism.

"ArmActiv®" eliminates these shortcomings in the course of operation, forming a new, strengthened micro relief of friction pairs, by compacting with the existing components. At this, the geometry of the contacting working surfaces is restored and optimized.

"ArmActiv®" solves these problems in shortest time, in simple and complex mechanisms, sliding, rotation, tolling and other systems.

The treatment of "ArmActiv®" units, parts and mechanisms gives them special operating properties, which are exercised in a significant losses reduction in friction pairs, increased permissible on-peak loads, increased reliability and, as a result, prolongation of service life.



  • all types of engines, transmissions, motorcycle transmissions, cars, trucks and special vehicles, buses, etc.
  • locomotive engines, wheel sets (bearings), reduction gearboxes;
  • vessels engines;
  • hydraulic systems of construction and special equipment (hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders);
  • any bearings.


  • machines and equipment (reduction gear boxes, sliding guides, bearings, hydraulics).

In such case, the resource of the equipment and the processing accuracy are increased due to the reduction of vibrations, and the energy consumption is reduced.

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