Our Company

Goals and policy.

By employing the most innovative solutions in the area of tribotechnologywe support our customers in each field and aspire to meet their current and future needs.

Our products help preserve the resources not solely of our customers, but through our innovation technologies of the planet in general.

Through providing the reduction of friction loss, increasing durability, increasing trouble-free operation of the units and mechanisms tribotechnical compositions ArmActiv reduce the energy, fuel and materials consumption and consequently pull their fair weight into providing environmental protection. Our goal is to help our customers reach the ultimate efficiency of their business.


We are anup-and-comping company that has brought together the professionals that have been working on the problem of the friction reduction and wearlessness.

By uniting the efforts of the developers, producers and consumers we have been able to create a truly innovational product whichhas incorporated all the cutting-edge achievements in the tribotechnology and carbon nanoreinforcement areas.

Our business is based on the research which has been conducted by our employees from the 80th of the last century.

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