Technology of carbon nanoreinforcement

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ArmActiv® is the newest tribotechnical composition based on carbon nanoparticles, working by TCN (Technology of Carbon Nanoreinforcement). Technological composite material «ArmActiv®» is designed to protect and extend the life of any working surfaces of themachinery (contacting) partsfriction - rolling and sliding bearings, gears, reductiongearboxes and gearboxes in general, internal combustion engines (diesel, gasoline, gas), compressors, Hydraulic machines, pumps, machine tools, etc...

reduction of the friction losses by 30% and more

increase of the wear resistance up to 5 times The up-to-date complex technology of carbon nanoreinforcement of metals

saving electricity and fuel by 15-25% significant reduction of noise and vibration characteristics

reduce the energy, fuel and materials consumption and consequently pull their fair weight into providing environmental protection

For each task its decision ArmActiv®

ArmActiv® - effective remedy of economy

  • To increase the duration of the trouble-free operation of mechanisms and the equipment in general…
  • To protect the parts from wear and tear…
  • To ensure exploitation under extreme conditions
  • To cut the operating costs


  • all types of engines, transmissions, motorcycle transmissions, cars, trucks and special vehicles, buses, etc.
  • locomotive engines, wheel sets (bearings), reduction gearboxes
  • vessels engines
  • hydraulic systems of construction and special equipment (hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders)
  • any bearings
  • To cut the operating costs


  • machines and equipment (reduction gear boxes, sliding guides, bearings, hydraulics)

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